Ouverture de bal

5 tips for a successful opening of your wedding ball

In a marriage, many moments are memorable. Many years later, you will still share with your loved ones these moments that marked.
Whether it is the celebration, the meal, the evening, various activities and of course the opening of the ball, these moments are special and mark the spirits.
With a successful ball opening, you will set the tone for the evening.

The main principles of opening a ball?

Classically after dessert, the ball overture is the first dance that marks the evening. However, depending on the configuration of your evening, you can very well do this prom opening before the meal or even during it.
The bride begins on her father’s arm and the groom dances with his mother. This moment marks, in a festive atmosphere, the transmission from father to husband. It’s the same meaning as during the ceremony, but there, the atmosphere is warmer.
In addition, a successful ball opening allows all guests to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the dance party.

What are the different types of prom opening?

The prom opening should be a very thoughtful moment. It must match you.
You therefore have the possibility of doing a classic ball opening with a dance in the rules of the art.
However, you can also make a more original ball opening. There are very many possibilities.
Most importantly, your prom opening must suit you!
If you follow the advice that will follow, you will ensure the success of your opening prom of your wedding.

Tip n° 1: the choice of music

The first tip is very important. Indeed, depending on the choice of song style, you will not be able to convey the same message or perform the same dance. A waltz will be magical and a dynamic salsa.
To help you control your steps, slow music will be perfect. A waltz is perfect to bring the necessary magic of the moment.
Sometimes, originality and rhythm can bring a plus. But for the success to be total, it is essential to prepare well for the moment. However, always start with a quiet moment, then end with a more rhythmic dance.
The medleys have their place in this moment to be able to chain the different types of dances.
To allow you to have exactly the right music, you can send the songs or the medley directly to your presenter. Remember to get closer to him so that there are no hitches in the distribution of the music of this so important moment.

Tip 2: the surprise must be total

It’s not always easy to keep a secret. But for the great success of your prom opening, you must preserve and protect the surprise. Only the speakers should be in on the secret and you should specify that no one should speak. The fewer people there are in the confidence, the greater the surprise will be.
If you are planning an original dance or a surprising moment, practice. It is with repetition that you will be totally ready. But to prepare, you must do it out of sight and above all not give in to the temptation to share your surprise. It’s very hard not to tell your best friend what’s planned. But if you resist, the result and the surprise at your ball opening will bring extra soul to your evening.
Finally, be yourself and don’t try to do too much. If you take pleasure, the surprise will still be very communicative and exciting.

Tip 3: the duration of the prom opening

This is a very important question that comes up very often. How long should the opening ball of a wedding last?
Before even determining the duration, you must know when this opening will occur. Indeed, you can have a longer time before the meal compared to after the dessert. Indeed, after the meal, the guests have ants in the legs and will get bored more easily. Before the meal, or even during it, they will be more easily a spectator.
The choice of the moment made, remember that a ball opening must not exceed 5 minutes. 2 to 4 minutes is the ideal length to allow time with the parents and time between the bride and groom, without seeing your guests drop out of the moment.
Also, the dance time between the bride and her father does not have to last as long as that with the groom. Often it is good to do 1/3 – 2/3.
So you have all the freedom to insert choreography and set the mood.
Finally, if the duration is not too long, you can invite your guests to join you on the dance floor and start the party, because they will have ants in their legs.

Tip #4: Choose your shoes wisely

Indeed, depending on the choice of dance or choreography, you will not be as comfortable in ballerinas or with heels.
Take care to prepare, to think in advance your shoes. It’s good for the bride, but also for the groom. Indeed, if the dance is very sporty, the groom’s shoes can hurt. It would be a shame to hurt your feet and not be able to enjoy the rest of the evening. Don’t worry about aesthetics, during the prom opening dance the guests aren’t looking at your feet, they’re just enjoying the moment.
You may also be tempted to get changed, but a prom opening dance loses all its magic without the bride’s dress. So to allow you to fully succeed in your dance and your choreography, train in situation. No need to put on the wedding dress, but wear during your training a dress that looks to be in the right configuration.
Finally, the importance of preparation also allows you to take note of the space you need. Indeed, treat yourself to the same dance space that you will use to train.
As you will have understood, preparation is one of the most important factors for the success of your prom opening. Leave nothing to chance for this very important moment.

Tip 5: discuss with your service providers

For the success of your marriage, it is essential that all the actors, all the service providers work together. To allow your prom opening to find its place, you must exchange with all the service providers who will make your wedding the highlight of your life.
Your entertainer must be aware of the entire course of the evening and therefore of the precise moment when your prom opening will take place. Moreover, with the precise music and the perfect timing, the dance will be surprising.
Also let your caterer know. If you want a good sequence, the latter must know exactly when the opening will take place. Indeed, it would be a shame to begin the opening of the ball when many guests have not finished their plate.
Finally, contact your photographer and/or videographer. To get it right, keep them up to date with your dance. Thus, they will be able to position themselves in the best place to immortalize the moment to perfection.
Finally, let your witnesses know so that their surprises don’t spoil the moment. Indeed, it happens that the surprises follow one another and penalize the timing of the evening. The prom opening is a crucial moment in a marriage and it is important that it respects your wish and your time frame.
The prom opening is an unforgettable moment in a wedding. Magical, surprising, original, classic, it must reflect your image.
With a slow moment, the dance allows the bride to move from her father’s arms to those of her husband.Beyond the classic moment, you can add a surprise. The latter must be total and the music catchy. A medley is perfect for mixing the different moments of this ball opening.
Finally, for the success of this moment, you must prepare it well in advance. Between training and exchanges with your service providers, nothing should be left to chance. This is how the success will be total and all your guests will be amazed.
Then, all your guests will have the pleasure of joining you on the dance floor and the atmosphere will last throughout the evening.

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